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Store Questions

Currently, this is by design if you are viewing as a guest and are not logged in with your account. To see the correct sale prices that we offer, you must be logged in first.

You can request an account via our Online Catalog by either clicking on the New Account button under the Home tab when you are looking at the Home page, or by clicking on the Create Account tab located to the top-right of the site. Both places lead you here. We’ll then review and approve your account as soon as possible.

The online catalog is similar to many other eCommerce websites where you can buy things. If you are having technical difficulties or other problems ordering, please Contact Us right away and we’ll get it sorted out.

This was on purpose. For a while we had a Local Shop for in-store items only. We had this before we had our Online Catalog, which has nearly everything that we provide via our giant catalog of items. Previously, all we had to offer was the physical catalog or ordering by mail/phone/email, but now we have a nifty online ordering process which we hope works well.

Technical Questions

Please feel free to contact our webmaster, at any time with any questions, concerns, or problems that you have with the website. He is open to suggestions and will also gladly help with any situation that you may be in. Thank you for your understanding and support.

First I would check to make sure it’s not something with your internet connection. Do all other websites work slowly too? If that’s fine, then it could be something on our end. We may be doing some scheduled maintenance or refreshing our prices on our products, etc. Many times you can just close and reopen your web browser or do a force refresh (Ctrl + F5) and try again. If it persists or gets really bad, please Contact Us right away with as many details as possible (what you were browsing or looking for, date/time, web browser that you were using such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, etc.). We’ll figure it out as best as we can.

Our new dynamic website is radically different from our old static one. We are able to have most of our staff easily and quickly create new ‘posts’ on different subjects, whether it’s a news item, a new special, or just some piece of information for the blog. These posts are actually just a page with information and pictures related to the topic of the post and can be shared or commented on if necessary. This allows for us to give you the latest and greatest information about our company at a much faster pace than before. We apologize for any confusion in advance.

General Questions

Because it decided to be the best color in the world, that’s why. (Yes, the webmaster likes blue, deal with it)

Feel free to browse all of the different sections of our website using the menus above. We have several pages explaining most of what we do or offer.

Why, yes of course! Thanks for sharing!  🙂